Development of the northern platform of Kaunas airport

Year 2022

“Kelprojektas” has signed a design works contract with “Lietuvos oro uostai” LLC, where they will prepare a project for the development of the northern platform of Kaunas Airport. During the project, additional places for aircraft parking and engine testing will be created – after the completion of the contract, the number of aircraft parking places at Kaunas Airport should increase by more than 50 percent. The value of the design works is almost 89 thousand euros (without VAT).

The Kaunas airport platform will be expanded in the northern part, where hangars for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) are currently operating. The area of ​​the new platform will reach more than 35 thousand. sq. m.

By developing the infrastructure at the Kaunas airport platform, it will be possible to reduce the load on the existing parking lots, while at the same time expanding the possibilities to receive and park more aircraft, which will improve the safety of operations. It will also be possible to ensure safe testing of aircraft engines at specially adapted, dedicated sites.

After completion of the works, different parking configurations will be possible at the sites, so the total number of parked aircraft may vary. For example, according to one of the configurations, the expanded area of ​​the apron could accommodate 14 C-class airplanes and 1 engine test area. When accepting larger aircraft, the number of seats at the sites would decrease accordingly. Currently, there are 24 aircraft parking lots on the Kaunas airport platform, suitable for aircraft of various types and configurations.