Territorial planning and GIS

Our mission is to create a well-functioning environment with high aesthetic value around us. We believe this is achieved through the use of simple, sustainable materials in an innovative yet stylish combination. We aim to create a good living environment and conditions that promote the long-term development of natural and cultural values in the city and beyond.

  • Territorial planning (general, special, detailed plans).
  • Territories, communications, engineering networks, residential, public, industrial, etc. object design.
  • Studies and consultations.
  • Public space landscaping
  • Building area landscaping
  • Park, pleasure ground landscape design
  • Road/street/railway area landscaping
  • Proposals for conversion of built-up territories to green areas
  • Preparation of the graphic part of the projects
  • High volume data management
  • Various scales data digitization
  • Generalization and systematization of graphic data
  • Creation and management of GIS databases according to valid legislation
  • Creation of interactive maps using Arc GIS online tools according to provided needs.


Head of Architecture and Environmental Design Department

Paulius Grigaliūnas

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