A new step towards becoming the best


Over the past three years, since joining the Swedish capital infrastructure construction consulting and design company Tyréns group of companies, we have expanded the range of services we provide and the geography of our operations. In turn, this partnership made it possible to further strengthen “Kelprojektas”.

The day has dawned, when together with our Swedish colleagues, we will finally develop and strengthen our culture as a Tyréns group company and take another step closer to our goal of becoming the best.

Today we present to you the new vision, mission and values of the Tyréns group, by which “Kelprojektas” will live and be guided from now on.

“For me, the common vision, mission and values ​​are the next important step towards our unification as a Tyréns group family of companies. I am convinced that strong values ​​and a strong company culture create really great results – satisfied employees and customers and financial success – this is exactly what we are striving for,” says Audrius Bunevičius, CEO of UAB “Kelprojektas”.

For several years now, we have had a common group strategy and business plans that guide us. Based on the strategy, we strive for more collaboration and knowledge sharing in tasks, innovation, digitization and the development of a sustainable society. In 2022, the companies of the Tyréns group will focus on a common vision, mission and new values.

Thanks to our main aspiration, our culture and competence, we have a unique opportunity to become Best at unlocking the potential in people and places.

We invite you to know more about our new vision, mission and values.


Unlocking the potential in people and places.

A vision is a long-term aspiration of what we as employees and what we as a company want to achieve.

Unlocking – describes the ability of our engineers, architects, planners to see, understand and solve customer and societal problems and challenges in their work.

The potential – reflects our optimistic way of looking at the future and the world around us – we create it as we dream of it.

People are our employees, managers, partners and customers, the teams that surround us in our activities.

Places – our innovative approach and highly qualified expertise open up potential for us in all the locations and countries in which we operate.


Innovative design and engineering for the world we dream of.

The mission is a description of the direction of our activity, i.e. defines the direction we are going as a company.

Innovative is our strength we have as a trust to continuously develop and find new solutions for our clients.

Design and engineering – creativity and engineering of what we do. Designing does not only refer to architecture, but design is also designing solutions, designing digital software to simplify our own or our clients work.

The world we dream of – we set high standards and strive to create excellent relationships with our customers, society and the surrounding environment. In our activities and projects, we strive to create a sustainable environment – the world of our dreams.


Connect, challenge, create

Values ​​define our business culture, what we believe in and what we think is important. Our values ​​are the main principles of our daily life, they permeate our work, unite us, motivate and inspire us to create a better society.


Ask questions. Make friends and share knowledge. Be honest. Inspire. Break barriers. Interact. Socialise. Fika.

We are great teammates who inspire and engage each other. We improve and develop by interacting with each other, listening, learning from our experiences and generously sharing our knowledge. We build and nurture relationships. We take care of each other.


Be brave. Be open. Challenge yourself, colleagues and clients. Find new perspectives. Bring new ideas. Ask.

We aim to make our customers successful and be a long-term best partner. We have the courage to explore and be one step ahead. We challenge the industry, our customers and ourselves with openness and innovative solutions. We are improving every day.


Be curious. Be creative and playful. Enjoy the business. Make the impossible possible. Innovate. Surprise. Create the world we dream of.

Through our activities, we create value and a sustainable society. We are curious about what the future holds, which is why we create, develop and turn our ideas into reality. We work as a team and always put our customers first.